about IPOP

IPOP is a startup company that researches and develops 4th industrial technology.
We research and develop virtual reality training systems and drone technology.
We set up a company to commercialize the results of our university research.
So, we are working with professors, doctors, and master's researchers.
We have many patents for motion capture and drone systems, and we are using patents to commercialize them.

We are IPOP.

V  R  T r a i n i n g  S y s t e m 

We develop a motion capture system.
Hybrid motion capture technology is completed based on inertial sensor and optical motion tracking technology.
And hybrid motion capture technology is being used as the core equipment of virtual reality training system.
Currently, our hybrid motion capture system is applied to the fire department's realistic training system.
And, it is applied to the realistic training system of the National Police Agency.
Our motion capture technology started with the AHRS technology of the navigation system used in unmanned aerial vehicles.
So it guarantees more precise and robust performance.

D r o n e   S y s t e m

we develop drones and drone stations.
Our drone system guarantees a perfect level 5 autonomous flight, which completely eliminates human intervention and can operate.
The ground control system controls real-time flight information, video analysis, and special missions according to the operation schedule.
Our ground control system complies with the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Traffic Management System (UTM) and controls multiple drones at the same time.
Our drone system is applied to the cultural property management platform of the Cultural Heritage Administration. In addition, we are working on projects in cooperation with a number of national organizations.

iPOP Drone System

LEVEL5's fully autonomous drone system that connects drones, ground stations, and mobile command vehicles in real time

[아이팝] 재난임무드론 - 산소도시 태백

[아이팝] 재난 통신중계드론

Hybrid MotionCapture System for VR Training System

The hybrid motion capture system is the only system that compensates for the weaknesses of the two motion capture systems to ensure robust motion tracking in any situation.

[iPOP] HybridMotionCapture motionbuilder stage

[아이팝] iMotion17-W 실감기반 소방안전훈련 시연



We have a track record in various fields applied with hybrid motion capture system. In addition, we have the achievements of building a drone system.
‌We are pioneering markets with new technologies and creating new opportunities.


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